24 September 2010

Oh! Tintin!

My brother Marty was in China recently, and, due to the fact that we're a family of Tintin-lovers and knowing how excited I get about it, he brought back this bizarre-o box of Tintin-themed matches for me. I love them because they're so strange! First of all, Tintin as matches? I guess! And Red Sea Sharks is apparently also "Coke en Stock"? I LOVE IT

So now I have this odd new box of objects I'll likely never use, but I'll always admire and show off. I decided to do some quick Tintin doodles! They're from the first Tintin book Marty and I ever read (or had read to us), The Seven Crystal Balls. I should do more of these!

12 September 2010

etsy favorites

One of the things I've realized I do a lot is procrastinate by browsing through all the lovely things a lot of people make on Etsy. This can mean sifting through some, uh, not-so-lovely things...so I actually have a pretty extensive list of favorites. I decided to make some thumbnails of a few of them one day.

peruvian spice gourd

I have this hanging in my kitchen. You put aromatic spices or something in there and it makes the whole room smell nice! At least in theory..

face and fox

I keep drawing this girl. I like her silent-film eyes and weird teeth. I don't know, I'm thinking of making an animation of her.

Also I found this fox and I like him:

03 September 2010

glove guy

I forgot about this! Drew it one day and then left it in my sketchbook. I like him!

objects + face

It's been awhile! I need to update more. Here are some sketches of nothing in particular.