24 February 2010

i love him

I don't remember, but he has puppies on his mind.

20 February 2010

kala and tarzan finish

This was my final image for the first Tarzan illustration that went up on Picture Book Report on the 15th. I'm mostly happy with it, but...I'm not really a fan of interiors when I have a whole jungle to work with. Still, this is an important part of the book and one of my favorites because it's so touching.

some tarzans

Some very initial sketches for Tarzan. He's definitely not there yet, but I let myself have a little fun with these and so I like them, though they won't be what I stick with. I'm struggling a little with his age right now. He accomplishes a lot as a teenager and, it's a little foggy, but he becomes King of the Jungle and then meets Jane when he's in his late teens-around twenty, so that's where I want to hit him, but he's not there in more ways than age right now. Going to keep working on it.

ape feet

I'm taking part (along with a solid group of other really talented illustrators) in a pretty new blog started by the sweet Meg Hunt called Picture Book Report. There you'll find each of us posting monthly (or bi-monthly?) illustrations from our favorite books and I'M doing Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes. It's a great opportunity for me to draw pretty foliage, hairy hairy apes, and nakedness! Right now I'm loving ape feet and hands.
Stop by the Picture Book Report blog to see the beautiful work by Meg Hunt, Sam Bosma, S. Britt, Israel Sanchez, Daniel Krall, Kali Ciesemier, John Martz, Jeremy Sorese, Julia Sonmi Heglund, Laura Park, Lizzy Stewart, Phil McAndrew, PMurphy, and Will Bryant. It's only going to get better every week!

19 February 2010

It's alive!

At long last, I've finished my new portfolio site! Please check it out! Critiques? Comments? I'd love to know what you think!