31 July 2010

goodbye Ponyo

This was my fish Ponyo who died a couple days ago. She grew to be 7 inches long, was really pretty, and often mistook pebbles for food and would spit them out like bullets. Goodbye Ponyo!

new prints

There are some new prints available on my Etsy store, including a large-format borderless print of my Howl postcard. Check it out!

24 July 2010


Alright! This is my favorite Tarzan piece so far! Check out the Picture Book Report blog for more details on the story in this scene. You can click on the image to enlarge.

Also. A couple potential Janes, plus an idea for her outfit. I'm leaning towards the Jane on the right, the younger one. She's 19 afterall, and I think the left one looks too 1920's....even though that is the time period for the book. But still. A little too dated.


So this was me for the past couple of days. When migraines plague me you can pretty much count me out of life for the duration. It was bad news. But now that I'm recovering, bear with me, because Tarzan 5 is just so so so close!

Oh yeah and my hair is normally pin straight, but this is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of what it looked like!

11 July 2010

sometimes I make other things too!

pom poms!

Jimmy's folks gave me this great little sewing machine for my birthday last year and I had some fun making a flag bunting for my room! It's actually really long. I think it may be a pretty shoddy sewing job really, but it's hard to mess up flags and string, right?

I also rescued this big chalkboard (really hard to see in our tiny hallway, but i will post better pictures later...someday when we move) from the coffee shop where I pretend to be a functioning member of society and painted it up in mint green. It was meant to help us schedule ourselves but we just doodle stupid things on it now.