19 April 2010

tarzan up in that tree

This is my latest Tarzan piece that went up on the Picture Book Report blog. I got a little tired of working on the last one and so I just went on to the next! Sometimes that's necessary I think. I really like how this came out. So much so, I think I'm going to go back into the earlier Tarzan piece and change up the background a bit. maybe.

11 April 2010


I'm sorta dreadfully behind on my last Tarzan update for the Picture Book Report, so I thought well maybe I can prove that it's getting there! This is the finished jungle background, which turned out to involve a really a new process and color palette for me, and I'm pretty into it! Tarzan, who's 12 there (hopefully looks that way), is going to be inhabiting that space real real soon, but I liked him so much that I wanted to give him a little spotlight.